Who drives history? Who creates and maintains the systems we live in? Statesmen are the archetypal systems designer. If visionaries build for our generation and prophets build for millennia then it is the statesmen we rely on to build for the next few centuries as the median. From Marcus Aurelius to Otto Von Bismarck to Lee Kuan Yew, those with the most influence on human society were not technologists or priests or artists, but the men who crafted and executed law and designed the political machinery that governed civilization.

America's owned practiced tradition of statecraft; that of leaders like Washington, Hamilton, Lincoln, Roosevelt and other Greats, is disregarded. Most have forgotten what it means to lead the helm of state when state consciousness itself is all but dead. Conservatives who claim to defend the American tradition decry the very idea of government. Progressives use the vehicle of government for toxic ideological interests. No one is interested in governance anymore.

Praxis has not forgotten this tradition. Praxis is a society that supports ambitious founders, creators, and pioneers in discovering and executing heroic projects, while working towards a shared vision for the future. But this vision isn't limited to the fields of science and technology alone. Innovation and productivity are being dragged down by a huge amount of technical debt, and a regulatory system which supports rent-seeking over value creation.

This is where [PRAXIS - STATECRAFT] comes in. The [ROAM BRAIN] is our private database of knowledge which we are building from scratch to break down epistemic barriers between professions and create ‘knowledge domains’ in several fields. As domain leader for [PRAXIS - STATECRAFT], I'm looking to build a team of researchers that will build a new body of knowledge with the aim of reviving 'American statecraft' as a living tradition. We will work to bridge the divide between law, policy, and political theory in the sphere of statecraft; and science, technology, and futurism in the sphere of innovation.


1. A private database of knowledge centred around statecraft on our [ROAM BRAIN]; The domain will be used to develop deep research around:

  • Urban Governance
  • Federal Statecraft
  • Jurisprudence
  • And more

2. A research fellowship dedicated to the maintenance and development of this database called the [STATESMAN FELLOWSHIP]

3. Further afield, the development of a network of jurists and statesmen who want to re-inject vitality into these fields so that they commit to their original purpose; manning the helm of American government with competent statesmen and jurists

The [STATESMAN FELLOWSHIP] is looking for 2-3 ambitious students or practitioners in their craft, preferably in a field like policy, law or political theory (not mandatory), but with a firm understanding of the wider developments in technology and the economy. They will work with myself and other select Praxis Fellows on the Statesman Fellowship. Dues ($1200/yr), which gives Praxis members access to the network, events, and investors, is waived for them.

The fellowship will involve: reading and writing up summaries of articles, essays, and books for our brain on a weekly basis; engaging in theory sessions with other fellows on a monthly basis; engaging in real-life networking events in the coming year or two; and in the long-term laying the groundwork for a new, living tradition of statecraft that embraces the fundamental principles of American statesmanship and fuses it with a futurist vision to use technology for the betterment of all.

If you’re interested in joining the Praxis network as a Statesman fellow and contributing to the development of the Statecraft domain on our Praxis brain, apply to join Praxis here, and list "Post_Apathy — Statecraft" as your reference.