$PLTR | Palantir: Parallels With Microsoft, Potential Network Effects Underappreciated - Seeking Alpha

The Aim of this Report

There are many articles on Palantir Technologies (PLTR) at present, therefore, in this report we aim to cover aspects untouched by the investment community to date. The stock is shrouded in controversy and currently losing hundreds of millions, therefore, some context of the driving philosophical beliefs of the owners and understanding the journey thus far, is required to overcome some investor reservations.

The first half of the report is more qualitative and covers the drivers in PLTR's journey to date and considers some parallels with the 1980s/90s Microsoft for the reader to develop an intrinsic knowledge of the company to aid in filtering out future noise. The first half also covers competitive advantages and PLTR's market opportunities.

The second half is more quantitative and covers the financials (revenue, operating metrics, and free cash flow) and the valuation analysis.