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Company Reports

$C | Citi Never Sleeps - Net Interest
$FB | Facebook and the Dogfood Problem - The Diff
$FB | Minimally Extractive Meta - Not Boring
$GE | Success Theater - MD&A
$INTC | Intel Unleashed, Gelsinger on Intel, IDM 2.0 – Stratechery
$LMT | Lockheed Martin - Security Analysis
$MSFT | Microsoft and the Metaverse – Stratechery
$MWK | Mohawk's e-Commerce Play - Benchmark
$NDSN | Nordson Corporation - Sure Dividend
$NINTENDO | Nintendo: Infinite Games - The Generalist
$OMC | Omnicom (OMC) - Security Analysis
$PDD | Pinduoduo and Vertically Integrated Social Commerce - Turner’s Blog
$PINS | Pinterest analysis: The social commerce disrupting e-commerce! - UncoverAlpha
$PLTR | Palantir's Data Weapons - Benchmark
$PLTR | Palantir and the Chaos Dance - The Generalist
$PLTR | Palantir: Parallels With Microsoft, Potential Network Effects Underappreciated - Seeking Alpha
$PRCH | Porch Group - Jonah’s Best Growth Stocks
$PRX | Prosus: A $ 1T Giant In The Making - Benchmark
$RBLX | Roblox: An IPO in Memes | The Generalist
$RELIANCE | Part 1 - Reliance: Gateway of India - Not Boring
$RELIANCE | Part 2 - Reliance's Next Act - Not Boring
$RELIANCE | Part I - Reliance: Origins - Keeping Up With India
$RELIANCE | Part II - From Oil to Jio - Keeping Up With India
$RIVN | Rivian: The Most Remarkable Adventure - Not Boring
$SE | Sea Limited Summary Research Report - Seifel Capital
$SE | Sea Limited's World Conquest - Benchmark
$SHW | Sherwin Williams - Security Analysis
$SKLZ | Skillz : Analysis and Insights - Septum Insights
$SNAP | Company Deep Dive: SNAP - Musings by Mazwood
$SQ Square the next generation bank - analysis - UncoverAlpha
$SQ - Hip to Be Square - Net Interest
$SQ | Square Valuation Model Points to Cash App’s Potential - Ark Invest
$STRIPE | Stripe: Platform of Platforms – Stratechery
$TCS | Tinkoff, Russia’s Capital One - Net Interest
$TDOC | Teladoc Health: Reshaping Healthcare - richard_chu97
$TENCENT | Tencent's Manufacturing Strategy - ChinAI Newsletter
$TSCO | Tractor Supply - Security Analysis
$TSLA | How Cathie Wood Beat Wall Street By Betting Tesla Is Worth More Than $1 Trillion
$TSM | TSMC Earnings - Mule’s Musings
$U | Company Deep Dive: Unity Technologies - Musings by Mazwood
$U | Unity is Manifesting the Metaverse - The Generalist
$U | Unity Software Summary Research Report - Seifel Capital Newsletter
$UPST | Upstart - Jonah’s Top Growth Stocks
$V | Dee Hock, the Father of Fintech - Net Interest
A Nu Dawn, A Nu Day - by Marc Rubinstein
Absolute Unit - Not Boring
APIs All the Way Down - Not Boring
Big Tech Does Finance - by Marc Rubinstein - Net Interest
De-Globalizing Luxury - The Diff
Discord: Imagine a Place - Not Boring
Figma - Worth the Hype? Absolutely - Clouded Judgement
Globalized Talent and the Brand Grab - by Byrne Hobart - The Diff
How credit cards make money
No Time to Die: China Banks Edition - Net Interest
PLAID | Plaid's Quiet End Run - The Generalist
PLAID | Inside Plaid's Pricing Strategy - Good Better Best
Prime Time in Crypto - by Marc Rubinstein - Net Interest
SCIENCEIO - The Model of Everything - Not Boring
Sequoia Productive Capital – Stratechery
Tiger Global: How to Win | The Generalist

Philosophies & Frameworks

Benchmark Capital's Business Equation - Venture Desktop
Building and Investing in Marketplaces - Erik Torenberg's Thoughts
Cash Conversion Cycle: Bridging the Gap Between Profitability & Cash Flow - Napkin Math
Discourses on Big Tech - The Diff
Economic Oceans - Venture Desktop
Economic Oceans and an Alternative Trade Route - Venture Desktop
How to Identify Underrated Markets - Venture Desktop
Investment Memo | Calm Company Fund
Investment Memo: Calm Fund 2 | Calm Company Fund
Peak Reflexivity - Emerging
Revenue: It’s Simple, Until It Isn’t - Napkin Math
Scale as a Service. - Baillie Gifford
Self-driving markets — Three Body Capital
The Deployment Age | Reaction Wheel
The Interface Phase - Not Boring
The Merits of Bottoms Up Investing - Venture Desktop
The Mike Speiser Incubation Playbook - kwokchain
The Mormon Church Amassed $100 Billion. It Was the Best-Kept Secret in the Investment World. - WSJ
The Most Important Scarce Resource is Legitimacy - Vitalik Buterin
The Playing Field - Graham Duncan Blog
The Promise and Paradox of Decentralization - by Byrne Hobart
Value Investing Is Short Tech Disruption
What The Three Body Problem can teach us about risk - The Refractor
“Buy and Hold” No More: The Resurgence of Active Trading

Industry Reports

Genomics Innovation | White Paper by ARK Invest
How Profitable Was/Is Tobacco? - by Gene Hoots
How SPACs Became Wall Street's Money Tree
QR Codes: Cities & Eyes - The Generalist
Scaling Carbon Capture – Casey Handmer
Shariah Fintech - Emerging
The Big Beast of Venture Capital — 3BC
The Other Box - The Diff
The State of Micro Private Equity - The Generalist
Why Content is King - Divinations

Sector Reports

Financing the American Home - Net Interest
Precision Monetary Policy - Emerging
The Next Industrial Revolution: Computational Biology & Bioplatforms
The Tech Monopolies Go Vertical - Mule’s Musings
Trillions: The Rise of Passive - Net Interest
What's Happening in Logistics - The Diff


A Deep Dive into Sushi – A Fundamental Analysis (Part 1)
Coinbase the next FAANG - by Rihard Jarc - UncoverAlpha
DAOs: Absorbing the Internet | The Generalist
Internet 3.0 and the Beginning of (Tech) History – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
Legitimacy Lost - Means of Creation - Every
NFT Projects are just MLMs for Tech Elites - Napkin Math
OpenSea: The Reasonable Revolutionary | The Generalist
Small/Midcap and suffering from illiquidity? Try an AMM. — Three Body Capital
The Dao of DAOs - Not Boring by Packy McCormick
The Road Not Taken: Stripe, Ant, PayTM & Defi - The Diff
The Value Chain of the Open Metaverse - Not Boring
Tokenomics in real life: A brand new and improved business model — Three Body Capital

Founder Bios, Letters, etc

All Howard Mark Memos (Oaktree Capital)
Maran Partners Fund - Founders Letter
All Amazon Shareholder Letters
Something of Value - Howard Mark, Oaktree Capital
Taiwan Semiconductor Co. Shareholder Letters 1995-2020
A compilation of Edelweiss Holdings' reports
All of Daniel Loeb's Quarterly Reports (Third Point)
Boone Pickens: High Stakes Games in a Tough Industry (Part I) - Neckar’s Notes

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