What I do

Hey, I’m Ahmed. My interests generally lie in: investing, theory, and strategy. I started writing on Post Apathy over at Substack in February 2020 before moving to a self-hosted website in August. The general themes of this corner are:

  • Community building
  • Civilisational dynamics and history
  • Imperial statecraft and urban governance
  • Postmodern social theory
  • The intersection of religion, technology, and modernity

Every month, I publish and send out a newsletter via email which contains curated and summarised articles and podcasts (including my own original essays) on these themes, broken down into fields such as: China, governance, political economy, philosophy, technology, and more. I conclude my newsletter with a synthesis of the content in the current edition as well as previous editions in my search for a golden thread that ties everything together.

Why I do it

The absolute majority of information on social media is useless. We need to find ways of reducing information overload so that we can stay focused on our goals and on what truly matters. Every person’s objective should be to cultivate the habits and knowledge that will form the bedrock of the rest of your life. This will help us to achieve the goals we see on the horizon. Navigation-grade information isn't just socially useful. It is an imperative for the ordered soul.

This is the true purpose of Post Apathy: to provide a corner of the internet where you can find only the best curated content providing knowledge that is direct, long-term, and will expand the horizon of your worldview to the possibilities of civilisation. Hence, the name of this space; Post Apathy. Beyond cynicism, pessimism, nihilism and ideally any other -isms, I want to cut through the noise and identify the signals.

You can follow me on Twitter at @Post_Apathy, or email me at: <postapathy@gmail.com>.

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