I’m Ahmed and I run Post Apathy, a public research workshop where I curate knowledge and share my writing.

The general themes of my research are:

  • Community & Institution Building
  • Civilisational Dynamics & General History
  • Imperial Statecraft & Urban Governance
  • Religion, Technology, & Futurism

I share my reading and writing through original essays, book reviews, and favourite reads of the month through a monthly digest, whose topics include: China, governance, political economy, philosophy, technology, and more.

In addition to the digest, I also archive everything I read and write in easily accessible databases. In this way, you not only get access to the information I am archiving, but you can see how my learning process evolves in real time; something I hope you'll join me in.

My aim is to provide you with the tools of legibility so you can interpret navigation-grade information. The absolute majority of information on social media is useless, and the best way to reduce information overload is through a strict information diet. Hence, the name of this space. Post Apathy; beyond cynicism, pessimism, nihilism and ideally any other -isms, I want to cut through the noise and identify the signals.

Post Apathy ©️ 2021